Poem: the Giant is/in Us

John Beacham

January 20, 2021

Poem: the Giant is/in Us


Hey. Listen. … I know
I understand

I could be your uncle after all.
I’m your side.
Believe in me

Well, if you can’t believe me, then who?
There’s no one else …

After all

You don’t want to fight anymore, right? Right? …

Right? …

Who keeps fighting? Not you. Anger …
will get you nowhere. … Nowhere

(A slight neck lowering. A shoulder tip like ladling yellow blood)


Softly: There, there. There. Hush it …

It is Russia. That is the real problem here, don’t you know?

The white supremacy. Yes. Sure. But China more so

The virus. It’s their fault that “america” falters

The misogyny. The homophobia. The deathcamp pandemic workplaces and schools. I know. But North Korea. Venezuela. Iran

Your childish demands to defund the “american” lynching machines …

Your problems? All your problems: China’s fault …
(((((“america” is great!)))))

Leave everything to us. We’ve got warships with missiles.

Racism: that’s not us don’t you know?
Imperialism: simply not true!

Go to sleep, child. Not sleepy, you say?

Who am I? Is that really soo important?


Slow rumble organ, flat keys:

The Giant depicted in dusk, from
that dark layer under the semi-moon placid seas not so deep,
a crystal tsunami up-fusing in asteroidy and sinewy tentacles,
hurling toward the shard-black heart of the Impaling


The Giant wakes. You fight. Here are guns, works and the words

I that is above will be no more, no more, no more …

No more …


Creak. Yawn. Stretch. Snap. Applause

(A)way, haul away. We’ll haul away Jo!
(A)way, haul away. We’ll haul away Jo!

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As the planet and its people undergo multiple, interrelated crises of modernity that threaten our very existence, a veteran social justice activist and writer of political commentary, science fiction and poetry, produces a hard-hitting, experimental work of political poetry that not only captures the times but hammers into reality a revolutionary future of peace, justice and equality.

Dedicated to all those who are shamelessly and needlessly dying in this country of death and disease. You, your families and friends will be avenged


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