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MASS ACTION Vlog: Fight to Live! Fight the Virus! Fight for Power!

March 23, 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads and worsens in multiple areas of the world, the United States government and the Wall Street billionaires they serve are criminally unprepared and far too slow to act.

That a pandemic was coming was absolutely, 100 percent predictable. The profit before the people, wealthiest country in the world is simply not structured around human's needs. It’s structured around the interests of the ruling class.

The shortage of masks, ventilators, Intensive Care Units, etc to protect health care professionals is homicidal. That industry is not being taken over to produce these absolutely essential things is grotesque. It is proof positive that the capitalist system is illegitimate.

What happens if we run out of trained doctors, nurses and other health care workers?

Think about it. How is it possible that we have no national plan to confront the pandemic? Why is the United States not on a fully coordinated mobilization mode to save as many lives as possible?

Think about it. 

There is an economic and social plan that has a great chance to work. Bernie Sanders and others have laid it out. Instead, the establishment is bailing out Wall Street and the media is attacking the only plans that will work for the people. 

It’s clear. We will fight to have a people-centered response to the pandemic.

We will survive this crisis, but to do so we must come together and build a world of cooperation, peace and justice.

In that vein. The U.S. government must stop attacking China, Iran, Venezuela and others now. We need international cooperation.

Lastly: a just people's global lockdown and a disciplined, cooperative worldwide war on the virus must begin now. We must slow the pandemic and save as many lives as possible.