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Petition: Biden is a Racist Warmonger - Vote for Bernie!

Circulated by Revolutionary Socialists for Bernie Sanders
March 6, 2020

Joe Biden’s record is deeply reactionary and a danger to the planet. He has much more in common with people like Donald Trump than he does with the vast majority of us.

Every day, we struggle against the economic and social injustices that people like establishment Joe Biden are completely responsible for.

We are not with Biden. Never. Anybody but Trump is no solution to the many problems we face. Actually, anybody but that "horrible Republican in office" is exactly how we got here in the first place. Biden is a Clinton democrat. The democratic party is not our friend!

We thoroughly reject racism, sexism, homophobia and U.S. war for domination. We support Bernie’s political army and demand economic and social justice and money for people’s needs, not war.

Joe Biden: teamed up with white supremacists, principal architect of mass incarceration, shut down Anita Hill, vice deporter and chief, war criminal, defense of marriage bigot, neo-liberal responsible for global inequality

Joe Biden, a powerful senator from 1973 to 2009, teamed up with the white supremacists in congress in the 1970s to stop the progress of the Civil Rights Movement. He opposed busing and school integration saying that desegregation would lead to a “racial jungle”.

The free trade policies and capitalist austerity that Biden promoted and oversaw for decades in government are the drivers of global inequality and instability.

He is a principal architect of mass incarceration. He repeatedly used racist dog whistles like “predator” to help author and pass multiple laws like the 1994 Crime Bill that play a central role in emboldening racist police forces and creating the apartheid school to prison pipeline in this country. 

Biden is a war criminal. He voted for, argued for and lied about the motives for the U.S. war and genocide of Iraq. He was vice president in the Obama administration which escalated the war on Afghanistan, carried out drone strikes on civilians all over the world and much, much more.

He shut down Anita Hill and other victims of sexual harassment. He said Roe v. Wade went too far.

He has voted for – over and over again – the militarization of the border and construction of more miles of border “fence” than Donald Trump could ever possibly build. He was the vice deporter and chief in the Obama administration.

Biden voted to outlaw same-sex marriage.

Biden had to be told, in his 70s, to stop violating women in public. His surrogates continue to be called out for racist remarks. Biden’s paternalistic attitude toward people of color is clear to anyone who watches him campaign.

And so much more.

The democratic party elite and the media have crowned Joe Biden as their candidate. They would rather have Trump than Bernie. They will do whatever they can to stop Bernie and the progressive socialistic tide. That should be clear to everyone by now. 

Though many of us have political differences with Bernie, we will not let the rulers divide us. We will not waver in the face of their attacks. 

Together, we will fight for a better world where working and oppressed people have power. We will fight until we get the social and economic justice that we deserve.