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Send MASS ACTION's John Beacham to Iowa

An appeal from MASS ACTION and Revolutionary Socialists for Bernie
Jan. 23, 2020

Your help is needed now. John Beacham, editor of MASS ACTION and founder of Revolutionary Socialists for Bernie is going to Iowa to report on and be a part of the actions at the Iowa caucuses (primary).

Donate now so John can be on the ground giving coverage of the movement from a radical perspective. Help MASS ACTION build solidarity amongst progressive forces and promote the revolutionary analysis we need.

Donations will cover travel expenses and badly needed upgrades to MASS ACTION’s audio and video equipment.

Here are three ways you can lend urgently needed support:

  1. Donate to John directly on PayPal
  2. Donate to MASS ACTION’s GoFundMe
  3. Become a MASS ACTION Patron on Patreon!

Here’s some of what John will be doing in Iowa …

  1. On the ground coverage of the Iowa caucuses, from campaign events to interviewing people on the street to critiquing the candidates (all the candidates) to analyzing the press coverage and more. John will be doing regular reporting: social media, articles, analysis, pictures, video and more
  2. Solidarizing with the Sanders movement from a revolutionary socialist perspective.
  3. Traveling all over Iowa – to as many cities as possible – visiting working, poor and oppressed neighborhoods to elevate the stories and voices of people who are being ignored by the media during the “democratic” process of the primaries and elections.
  4. Creating an episode of MASS ACTION podcast from Iowa!
  5. Holding a video conference on Mon., Feb. 23, the day of the vote in Iowa.