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Uprising 2020: Rebellion, Repression and What to Do Now

June 3, 2020

Uprising 2020 . The youth in the streets . Unafraid and unbowed . Against racism and police murder . For economic and social justice .

The long awaited, building for decades and necessary rebellion has broken out. This moment has great potential for winning justice and, even, revolutionary change. That potential, however, will not magically manifest itself without hard work, trials and tribulation.

We must:

1. Keep the pressure on the government. Continue to join and organize actions. Make the system bend and break

2. Get organized. Join MASS ACTION in taking and sharing our Socialism Survey so that we can get organized, networked and figure out the next steps

3. Study revolutionary socialism and strategize to defeat capitalism

There is no time to wait. The planet is entering the Great Crisis: Pandemic. White Supremacy. Capitalist Collapse. U.S. Imperialism and World War 3. Environmental Emergency. Immigrant and Refugee Crisis.

The capitalist system, led by the United States, a country which is increasingly aggressive and unstable, is unfit for the times and a great danger in its dominance and violence. The chokehold of the billionaires over society must come to an end.

It is right to rebel; Revolution is a right

MASS ACTION Socialism Survey In response to the conditions, precipitated by decades of capitalist austerity, exploding profits for the few and the war on Black people, immigrants and all workers and oppressed people, protests have erupted all across the country. Literally, all across the country and the world.

Despite a brutal crackdown of murderous, rampaging cops and military personnel—and in the face of tanks, guns, gas, grenades, clubs, fists—the protests and the movement continue to grow!

The protests have shut down virtually every major city in the most powerful country in the world, proving that there is a great untapped power in the population of resistance to injustice and our oppressive rulers.

City governments—democrat run and republican run—have responded by shackling, brutalizing, killing and starving.

While hope and struggle have burst out of the rotten soil of racism and capitalist exploitation, while hope and struggle have blossomed and bloomed, the media, the cops and politicians treat us like weeds and pestilence.

Protesting and beyond

It is clear now for all to see what is true 100 percent of the time: the U.S. government wages an unending great war of domination, not only on the people of the rest of the world, but on the people here at home. The second we resist, we are repressed.

What could be more simple than arresting and convicting those racist cop lynchers in Minneapolis? Why did it take a rebellion?

In addition, what could be more simple than providing economic relief? What could be more simple than providing free health care, housing and so much more to all?

In truth, racist cops define the United States. When we need real justice or some real economic help, despite our pleas and cries, it is not forthcoming. When we protest the denial of aid, we are met with force and all kinds of hemming and hawing. When, after so long, we take it to another level because our demands have been unmet for so long, we are shut down by force.

We live in a state where the police exercise a violent authority with hardly any checks and balances except our fight back. The pandemic and uprising have only brought this fact into the foreground.

Our only choice—if we really want to change the situation—is to keep taking things to higher levels. Working and oppressed people should have power!

The U.S. state apparatus is the enforcer of racism and class rule and is in no way concerned about justice. If you are Black, they lynch you. If you are homeless, they prevent you from being housed. If a pandemic is killing you, they let you die. If you protest a racist lynching, they riot on you.

Protest, as central as it is in the struggle for liberation, is not enough. For liberation to be achieved, we need a clear political vision and an organization united and disciplined enough to lead a revolution and govern in the interests of workers and oppressed people. You should join MASS ACTION in the effort to build a new world in the 21st Century.

Join and Build the 2020 Uprising!
Abolish the Police!
Jail All Racist Killer Cops!
Fight the Virus! Fight the Racist System!
Money for People’s Needs, not Wall Street Bailouts!
General Strike!
Shut Down Capitalism!