Vote Socialism in 2020; Vote La Riva or Hawkins


October 14, 2020

Vote Socialism in 2020

Join MASS ACTION and many, many others in resisting the capitalist machine of war, racism and bigotry—from the streets to the ballot box and everywhere in between.

Socialism—an economic and political organization of society that puts people before profits—is the only total answer to the multiple interrelated and existential crises we face. It truly is Socialism or extinction.

Trump and Biden are anti-Socialist. They are enemies of the human race and offer no respite from or resolution to the crises we face. Whoever wins, the growing war in the streets will continue. You should engage the war and fight for Socialism.

The two candidates for president are the exact opposite of what we need.

One evil

This is a thoroughly establishment-controlled election in which the political spectrum continues to move to the right because there is not the type of militant mass movement (not yet) that can force things in a working-class direction. Though this is sure to change—and maybe very soon—the people have yet to truly break free of the ruling class and american mythologies of democracy. The vast majority of progressive and “socialist” organizations are capitulating, in one way or another, to the illusion that a vote for racist, sexist, bigoted, war criminal Biden will do any good.

The material reality is that voting for Biden is, inescapably, voting for Biden and the oppressive apparatus that he has helped create.

Though voter turnout could reflect both a positive level of political engagement and a willingness to reject the sham elections, Biden’s final tally will be an indication of how far away the working class is from truly understanding its power. Withholding political approval from your oppressor is an important act—one that shouldn’t be all that hard to do.

The people, united around a working-class program and independent of the establishment, are the subjects of change. We are the greatest power ever. We will have power.

Whatever the election outcome, which will definitely have some effect on the intensity of the struggle—perhaps a major effect owing to the austerity and oppression induced powder keg we are experiencing—,we can clearly see the resistance growing, organizations growing and Socialism coming alive in the minds of the population.

BLM, NoDAPL, the Sanders campaign, etc. are all signs of great potential—of what is to come.

We are hope. We are the struggle. We are Socialism!

Fight (and vote?) for your future!

Let’s be clear, however. Voting in the 2020 election will not have any truly deterministic effect on the struggle over the future of the planet and the people. After the election has come and gone, the problems we confront as workers and oppressed people will get worse—unless we fight back.

The office of the president is the office of the chief enforcer of global and domestic oppression. Change comes from below.

Think about it for a second. How truly vile is it that during a deadly pandemic and economic crisis of massive proportions and while millions of people are clamoring for and risking their lives for justice for black people we are being told that our only legitimate political option, our only path forward right now is voting for Biden—the man who authored mass incarceration? We are being shamed into voting for Kamala Harris who built her career off enforcing Biden’s racist institutions against her own people.

How decrepit is the current state of U.S. capitalism that they are offering up Trump and Biden during this time of growing crises? Biden, ex vice-president of the gestapo ICE deportation machine, also reflects and is an actor in the creation of a more and more oppressive state—a state that can, obviously, only be resisted through militant independent organizing and struggle.

Is Biden’s party truly fighting for the pandemic relief that we need. No, they are not. At most, they are using it, poorly, as an electoral strategy.

Are Biden and Harris offering to stop or shut down the state as it increasingly rounds up, beats, kills and jails protesters for justice? No.

Political judgements must be made on the basis of actions, not words. That is the beginning of political consciousness.

Elections in the united states

The ruling class of this country uses the election shitshow (did you see the Biden/Trump “debate”?) to cut the political vocal chords out of the throats of workers. It reduces most of us to begging from Biden—a man whose racist, sexist, environment-wrecking, pro-1% record and present positions and attitudes would in no way find him on the correct side of any objective scientific register of human compassion or justice.

Biden is a fake. He is a horror. Biden is dirt. No, dirt is useful, natural and should be allowed to remain in our lives.

Change—the type of radical reorganization of society that is needed right now (yesterday, really) as you read this—does not come at the ballot box.

The elections in the United States are rigged, undemocratic to the core—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. You should.

Workers and revolutionaries should register their official opposition to the system. You should vote for all those who cannot vote—like all those who are locked in cages as a result of Joe Biden’s political efforts.

We will vote for Socialism in 2020. Vote for Gloria La Riva of the Party for Socialism and Liberation or socialist Howie Hawkins from the Green Party.

Both establishment candidates for president are not only in opposition to Socialism, they believe Socialists are sub-humans that must be exterminated if necessary. They believe that workers must continue to live under the capitalist class as we continue to hurl toward greater and great crises, war, civil war and white supremacist violence—all of which have capitalism as their root cause.

Four heads of the U.S. hydra

Trump, Biden, Harris and Pence are all among the most reactionary leaders this world has ever seen. They are vying to manage the most murderous empire in the history of the world in the interest of the wealthiest, most oppressive ruling class to ever exist.

They are all mass incarcerationists and imperialists who have no plan to save the planet, do what’s necessary to stop white supremacy, shutdown the ICE gestapo or avert a major war that would wreck the planet.

At the end of the day, they all back the police forces—a violent, racist gang that has been thoroughly exposed as a lynching and shackling machine in the service of the capitalst, white supremacist, imperialist U.S. order.

Biden and Harris have swung to the center and like the Clintons and Obamas have no plan to do anything substantial for workers and oppressed people. The present position of the capitalist class and the crises confronting their continued rule—along with their decades of unchallenged ascendency in the world—have them leaning so far away from reforms in favor of workers that they would likely have to see the gallows before they change direction (just look how lackluster Pelosi’s team is in really fighting for an aid package that would be popular and even help them sweep 2020).

Biden and Trump are both using racism to attack China. Biden is actually using anti-Asian racism to out Trump Trump. That fact alone right there should tell you all you need to know.

China, despite all the racist demonization, is not the enemy. Should we really be attacking a state that helped facilitate the organization of the population to effectively defeat the virus? If the rest of the world had the socialistic togetherness of the Chinese people, the pandemic could be over. O-V-E-R. over.

** U.S. coronavirus deaths (probably and underestimate): 221,000 (667 per 1 million)
** China coronavirus deaths: 4,600 (3 per 1 million)
** China, the presumed epicenter of the outbreak, deaths since April 20: 0 (zero)

As a result, China’s economy is booming. The World Bank predicts that China’s economy will be the only economy in the world growing in 2020. It is inconceivable that China, a country in which the overwhelming majority supports that government, could accomplish this “miracle” without the combined will, cooperation and effort of the population.

Again, the fact that Biden and Trump are dumping on China is evil and contrary to the needs of the the planet.

Courage not cowardice is the path forward

There are many “reasonable” and understandable justifications for voting for Biden being put forward by genuine people and organizations. Those arguments will melt into thin air the day after the election—even if the election results become a new political struggle. Those arguments are largely unheard and forgotten. The system has already won this battle. They have their candidates. One of them will win. Our only winning option is to tally as many votes for La Riva and Hawkins that we can as a loud and clear rallying cry for the more important battles ahead.

Most of the population only hears the mainstream lies about Biden being the only hope. Millions of people will be ecstatic if Trump loses, but they will have won nothing. Will they be ready to fight or will Biden get a pass like Obama and Bill Clinton while organized white supramcy grows?

That is the real question. Are you helping to prepare the people to fight, really fight? Not to "pressure" Biden (which intrinsically means that he will employ all the powers of the state to exterminate the growing movement for Socialism if he can), but make the system bow before the combined might of the working class and solve the exisential crises that must be solved?

Workers, even many who will vote for Trump, badly need to hear real voices of opposition. Are they ready to hear those voices? Have they reached that point? You will not know unless you are willing to lead and not let the Bidens of the world lead the movement. We will muster the courage. Stick our necks out and fight and vote for what the people need: Socialism. By any means necessary.

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