Poem: the trump is dead

John Beacham

October 3, 2020

If trump would die
that would not deter
the monster in this machine

A monster which, btw, the machine relies on
and cannot stop once unchained
by the long-arrived cracking of the ...

Two inter-sliding dams that were one and are one,
always grinding over your bones and blood
to keep a red river subordinated to markets and mythologies

Trump did not make trump
Biden did not make trumps, but—yes he diddoes—help create conditions that make-make trumps—even a dead trump—a sea monstrous factor

The Biden:

Locking arms with the KKK to stop the civil rights movement...

Locking arms with Clinton to bring war to the border...

Authoring mass incarceration...

Saying Roe v Wade went to far to help the democratic party hoist "limiting abortions" as a capitulation slogan

Genociding for empire...

Applying the duct tape to Anita Hill...

Oceans, Mountains, Planets, more...

You know what? You will murder the monster in syncopated fist drumming with all the other yous

Whatever, whatever this November: you deserve better

You will the better be. A justice-rinsed world before you die. And die we must, but...

Not all of us

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Dedicated to all those who are shamelessly and needlessly dying in this country of death and disease. You, your families and friends will be avenged


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