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Bernie's Out. What Now? Don't Vote for Biden!

April 14, 2020

The most important thing you can do right now is … RESIST. Do not vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump, keep our movement independent of the establishment and keep up the united mass struggle in the streets.

Sign the Pledge and share: “I Won't Vote for Joe Biden”

Build the mass march on the Democratic National Convention. MASS ACTION is an endorser of the march.

Watch video of the MASS ACTION forum: “Bernie’s Out, What Now?; Racism, Jails & the Coronavirus; Venezuela Resists Imperialism & the Coronavirus.”

Next Steps

What we have right now is a movement of millions—a badly needed, mobilized, very progressive, socialistic army. Despite all the odds, in the backwards United States, the masses have forged the very first steps toward what we need.

What we need is a militant and strategically intelligent upsurge of the united masses that shakes the very foundations of this rotten society and takes the power out of the billionaires’ and racists’ hands.

We need to take power over the decision-making processes and the economic infrastructure of this country. The times demand it. Considering the crises we face, we are out of other options.

Movement leadership is crucial. Letting creepy, lying Joe Biden and his corrupt backers in the DNC anti-people machine lead the anti-Trump movement is the wrong move.

How could that ever be the right move? When could that ever be the right move? Biden has been a major conduit for the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical companies, the banks, big oil, etc. for his entire adult life!

There are literally tens of millions of people in the United States and hundreds of millions of people in the world that would be better leaders than Biden. This is an obvious fact.

Biden is a snaky, vile, arch ruling class servant. He literally has the blood of millions of people on his hands, from Iraq to Black people, women and immigrants here in the United States. Biden is partially or wholly responsible for any policy or decision that is harming working and poor people. His name is on all of it.

Voting for a chief harmer does not reduce harm.

So, we must fight for a people’s leadership of our movement. Sign the pledge to not vote for Joe Biden.

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Vote for a progressive or Socialist third-party candidate. A vote for a progressive third-party candidate is a vote to save the environment. A vote against racism. A vote against World War 3. A vote against sexism. A vote for immigrants and LGBTQ people. And much, much more.

A vote for racist, sexist, war criminal, anti-immigrant, mass incarcerationist Biden—who loves bailing out Wall Street, but doesn’t want you to have healthcare during a pandemic—is a license for both parties of the .1 percent to keep perpetuating policies that exacerbate the many global crises we face.

Or … write a progressive person in for president. Or do not vote for president.

Voting for Biden is a dead end on a dying planet poisoned by racism, world war and class rule.

Bernie supporters, all workers, oppressed people and anybody else: in order for our movement to gain strength, we should use the election to register as big a protest as possible against the establishment by not voting for Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

If you feel you absolutely must vote for Biden because he is a lesser evil than Trump, or because you think a vote for a candidate like Gloria La Riva is a vote for Trump (it's not because it's physically not a vote for Trump!), we understand the pressure you are under and are sympathetic. It’s wrong and not helpful at this point in history, but, again, we understand and the invitation for you to join the working-class movement for real power remains open.

Afterall, elections are not where real power is. Real power comes through a revolutionary socialist reconstitution of society to fundamentally put the people’s needs before profit.

Bernie’s choice and US

Bernie dropping out of the race and giving a fullthroated endorsement of Biden is a setback. We must be clear about this in order to move forward correctly.

The ruling class assault on Bernie and all workers was successful. It is not the end of anything, necessarily. But out of this defeat, some will join the Biden camp and some will decamp. Many will also seek to escalate the struggle in response (which is good).

Sanders left the race too early, dropping our profile and lessening the movement’s ability to intervene politically in this time of crisis.

Bernie clearly left the race to keep the democratic party united.

But the democratic party establishment is one of our oppressors. Keeping the DNC united is none of our concern and not in our interest.

The DNC an oppressor? There are literally a million examples, including the fact that they would choose a war criminal, racist and rapist over Bernie’s army.

If you need more proof, just look at the Wisconsin primary. People were forced to go out and vote during a pandemic. During a lockdown!

The DNC is guilty of murder for not shutting down that primary. I don’t care what some supreme court judges ruled. Judges, who, btw, are also guilty of murder for willfully endangering people.

(The Supreme Court is also clearly an oppressive body that only does what we need it to if we force it do so. Remember, Roe v. Wade was a decision of a conservative court. It was women and the rest of us that won that decision. Arguments that we need Biden to take back the courts and save abortion rights are not based on fact.)

The DNC breaks the law and their own rules whenever it benefits them. Why did they go along with a murderous judicial decision? Why? Because the DNC cares about votes, not people’s lives.

Biden, who urged everyone to go out and vote in Wisconsin from the safety of his home, does not—and has never—cared about workers and poor people.

Bernie, on the other hand, was not forceful enough in opposing what happened in Wisconsin.

In general, Bernie should have hammered Biden and the DNC during the campaign and this dangerous crisis. He would have saved more lives—not just in Wisconsin.

Instead, Bernie corroborated with Obama and Biden in exiting the stage and called Biden a “decent man.”

Biden is extremely vulnerable and the pandemic is giving people real life lessons that Bernie’s platform is necessary and possible. The U.S. government can allocate massive resources in whatever direction is necessary. What's missing in Bernie is the will to fight, really fight, outside the electoral and parliamentary arenas.

If Bernie is genuine about “It’s not me, it’s US”—and I believe he is—it’s time to move beyond Bernie as the leader of this movement. We have no other recourse.

Again, we must fight for the leadership of this movement.

Sign the Pledges and share: “I Won't Vote for Joe Biden”

Build the mass march on the Democratic National Convention. MASS ACTION is an endorser of the march.

Join the MASS ACTION livestream forum on April 13 at 7 pm CST: “Bernie’s Out, What Now?; Racism, Jails & the Coronavirus; Venezuela Resists Imperialism & the Coronavirus.”