16 Theses for U.S. Socialists

John Beacham

February 17, 2021

16 Theses for U.S. Socialists

The global pandemic and the genocidal, anti-human response of the U.S. capitalist state; the re-emergence of fascism; the perilous U.S. aggression against China and Russia; the impending collapse of the environment; the global immigration and refugee crisis—these catastrophes in waiting and more are not coincidental phenomena without cause. They are the result of a U.S. capitalist and imperialist hegemony that is undefeated—a hegemon that is losing power. A hegemon that is the greatest danger to the planet in all of history.

My fellow humans, the times are graver than even the signs do tell. All things point towards an intense sharpening of the global conflict between the haves and the havenots. It goes without saying that we will not prevail in this, the most arduous battle to ever take place, without a great precision in our ideas and actions. We do not win unless we embody the correct political understanding of, and orientation to, the struggle for the future of our species and planet.


1. Earth is heading for a Great Crisis, a final conflict with two dialectical paths. It is people first (socialism) or profits first (capitalism). There is no third way. Capitalism must be put to death.

2. Socialism is the defeat of the capitalist state—during a crisis in society—by the working class led by a vanguard party of highly disciplined revolutionaries in a centralized party.

3. Revolutionaries must be able to take power, hold power and govern a new armed workers’ state that places the economy on a path to socialist construction through public ownership of the means of production.

4. The working class is the vast majority of the vast majority who do not own the major means of production like the banks, Big Tech, retail chains, Big Oil, etc. (the ruling class of capitalists). We are robbed on a daily basis. The vast majority has its labor and energies exploited by the ruling class. The power of the ruling class, an oppressive power by its very nature, is much greater than any individual or individual sector of the working class, but pales in comparison to the power of a united, political working-class.

Any other definition of the working-class strays from the target and goal of socialism—the overthrow and expropriation of the capitalist class’ property. Any other definition is side-tracked into intra-class bickering, pessimism and narrow strategies defined by subservience and meekness.

5. A socialist revolution in the United States is necessary in order to save the planet, shutdown white supremacy, stop a World War 3 and institute a new human era of peace, cooperation and sustainability.

6. Political Scientific leadership is central to the impending socialist revolution. Socialist analysis, strategies and tactics are of the utmost importance. Political leadership does not spontaneously arise.

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