New Book: 2020, Socialism & the Coming Great CrisisNew Book: 2020, Socialism & the Coming Great Crisis

Paperback. 100 pages.

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As multiple worldwide crises of the capitalist era stampede toward a devastating collision, we must unite. We must be organized.

The stakes are high!

We must be committed and disciplined in the fight to save the planet, shutdown white supremacy, stop a world war 3, solve the immigrant and refugee crisis, institute planetary universal health care and so much more.

We must be bold and strategic at the same time. We must be as correct as possible in every political decision we make.

Above all else, we must have political clarity. We must understand both the nature of our oppression and the varied political realities we encounter in the already upon us race for peace, justice and a sustainable planet.

Socialism—the revolutionary victory of the working class over capitalist rule—requires the emergence of studious practitioners who learn from lived experience, who help make sense of things like the street battles and uprisings of 2020, the genocidal government response to the pandemic, the ridiculous 2020 elections and the growing popularity of socialism.

The collected works in 2020, Socialism and the Coming Great Crisis are meant to help workers and fighters for justice claim a greater foothold on the epochal times we are living through, grab the reigns of the planet in our hands with an unshakeable firmness and usher in the new socialist era of cooperation and peace.


1. 16 Theses for U.S. Socialists

2. A Vote for Biden is Not a Vote Against Fascism

3. Coronavirus Crisis: Seize the State & Economy

4. Uprising 2020: Rebellion, Repression and What to Do Now

5. Iran Crisis, WW III, Jailing the Arsonists, Our Tasks

6. Abolish the Supreme Court, Senate and the Electoral College

7. Black and White Unity

8. Biden (s)Election: Hope Begins with Truth

9. Revolutionary Socialists for Bernie

10. Poem: The Trump is Dead